Our Vision

The Consulting Club at the University of St. Gallen is a student association aimed at helping and preparing its members for a career in the consulting industry. We seek to promote awareness of this profession by offering a wide range of initiatives, networking events and resources in collaboration with the leading consulting firms.

By creating a platform for discussion and knowledge exchange on consulting related topics, we want to build a network of highly talented and committed students and provide them with a competitive advantage in order to enter this profession. Members get the opportunity to gain precious insights and to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical experience.

Current Board of the Consulting Club

  • Tim Gander

    President, Head of Finance & Partners Relations
  • Brice Olivier Mbigna Mbakop

    Vice President
  • Lara Mazzarelli

    Head of Events and Student Relations
  • Frederik Benson

    Head of Business Development
  • Julia Schmedding

    Head of Business Development
  • Lev Akhmerov

    Head of Marketing
  • Jonas Schafler

    Head of IT
  • Berit Schrader

    Head of Case Class
  • Joanna Maria Rogg

    Head of Case Class

Supervisory Board

  • Philipp Seidl

    Supervisory Board
  • Xavier Oltramare

    Supervisory Board

Advisory Board

  • Jessica Meyer

    Advisory Board