Bainworkshop – Digitalization in Retail Banking

COMPANY Bain & Company
DATE 21 Oct 2021 16:15 -
21 Oct 2021 20:00

Digitalization is on top of the agenda for all Retail Banks. How do you thrive in an industry where every player wants to be digital? How do you distinguish yourself from increasingly powerful digital attackers? How do you truly differentiate in a market where customers expect more and more? Put yourself in the shoes of a strategy consultant at Bain & Company to learn more about how to move the needle in Retail Banking. 

During our BAINWORKSHOP "Digitalization in Retail Banking", you will get the chance to “crunch data” of the leading European Retail Banks, assess their digital maturity and see for yourself what can be gained by excelling at digital. Bain banking experts will accompany you along the way and share their “real-life” insights based on a recent assessment of 50 leading banks in Europe.

Take the chance to speak to our consultants, ask questions and get a picture of our culture, our project work and your opportunities to start a unique career with Bain.