Growth opportunities in the telecommunications sector

COMPANY A.T. Kearney
DATE 23 Nov 2020 08:00 -
23 Nov 2020 11:45

The telecommunications sector is at the heart of the digital economy and at the forefront of the fundamental transformation that is global in scale and that we experience in our daily lives. The ongoing technological revolution, entrance of disruptive players and the risk of increasing commoditization are impacting our clients’ traditional business and commercial models. In this dynamic landscape, we help clients in building their go-to-market strategies, adjusting their competitive edge, and leveraging new technologies to drive customer value. In this interactive training, we would like to…
• immerse ourselves in the exciting world of telecommunications and give you an outline of the industry structure, players, their challenges and new       trends
• introduce you to the Kearney go-to-market strategy framework
• give you the opportunity to develop and pitch an exciting case for which 


Referenten: Kearney Consultants

Teilnehmer: 20