Helping private equity revive a merchant acquirer

COMPANY Innovalue
DATE 21 Oct 2015 12:15 -
21 Oct 2015 16:00

An international private equity firm wants to buy a domestic champion in merchant acquiring, a leading player in processing card payments on behalf of merchants. The company’s growth seems to have stagnated in recent years, despite an increase of card payments by customers and more merchants signing up to accept card payments. What could explain the underperformance and what could be done to get the company back to growth in line with the market? Are there other opportunities outside the domestic merchant acquiring business that could drive growth in the future and enhance the company’s value under private equity ownership?  In this workshop, you will step into the role of a strategy consultant and prepare a presentation to the private equity firm. You will present your analysis on the current growth challenges and outline wider growth opportunities for the future. 

Notice: Application period starts 5th of October and ends 11th of October 11:59pm.