Gaining Insights into Transactions (Due Diligence)

COMPANY Ernst & Young
LOCATION Einstein (Berneggsaal)
DATE 22 Oct 2019 16:15 -
22 Oct 2019 20:00

This workshop will highlight multiple real life examples, tricks, tips and ‘war-stories’ aimed at highlighting the value added by due diligence with the opportunity to ask questions throughout the session. We will also showcase the current developments in financial due diligence techniques to show you how analytics and digitalisation is reshaping financial due diligence and enhancing the client experience.


  1. An introduction to our winding career journeys
  2. M&A, due diligence and the role of a consultant
  • The financial statements are audited so why bother with due diligence?
  • What value does financial due diligence add and why use a consultant?
  • Which areas gives cause us a headache – and when can we sleep well at night?
  • New due diligence technology: faster, deeper, better